What are the benefits of Appealing the Court’s Decision on Your Family Law Case?

Family court decisions made by a Judge related to divorce, child custody, child support and other family law issues are not necessarily final. Especially if you feel there has been an error in the process of how the Judge came to make their decision. In ensuring that the courts act properly by the law, each state provides a mechanism for appealing certain courts decisions by parties in a family law case. It is crucial to understand the type of orders and the errors that can be appealed in helping you determine how best to proceed if you believe the court made a mistake in the decision. Benefits of appealing the court’s decision on your family law case can include:

  • Identifying mistakes made in the presentation or interpretation of evidence in your case
  • Having an experienced family law appellate attorney to represent you
  • Avoid inequitably large and impossible verdicts

Identifying mistakes made in the process of presenting evidence

Family law appellate cases allow review of the evidence to ensure that the Judge in your family law case properly considered the evidence presented. If you feel that there was a mistake in the gathering, use, or acceptance of critical evidence, it would be beneficial for you to appeal the decision.

Having an experienced family law appellate attorney to represent you

Secondly, when you appeal a case, you can hire an experienced family law appellate lawyer that focuses on appellate cases. Family law appellate attorneys are skilled with a deep and broad knowledge of the law which allows them to highlight legally significant issues that may not have been properly considered at trial. Often times, this can lead to a successful appeal of the original decision made by the Judge.

Avoid inequitably large and impossible verdicts

Finally, appealing a decision from in family law court gives you the opportunity to avoid inequitably large and unfair verdicts awarded. Often times in child custody cases, large sums of money in the form of child support are required to be paid by law. If an order was granted based on mis-information or improper calculations, an appeal can lower the amount of money owed to a realistic and more equitable figure.

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