Family Law


Divorces can range from a simple agreement to days-long trial. I have experience in both and everything in between. Over a decade of divorce experience. Multi-million dollar divorces, complex litigation, knock-down drag-out fights to sitting in a room and working it out between friends. My representation can guide you every step of the way. Know what your rights are before you start talking to the other side. Nevada is a community property state but not all community property states are the same. The difference between having a knowledgeable attorney on your side and thinking you can handle it on your own is often the cost to you of at least twice the attorney’s fees you would have paid to hire competent counsel. It is harder and costs more to undo a mistake.


Step-parent adoptions, family member adoptions, adoptions after termination of parental rights, adoptions through agencies. The legal ties that bind are never more important than in creation of the parent-child relationship.

Parental Rights

Establishing your parental rights, or fighting to terminate parental rights. My experience in Northern Nevada courts on contested parental rights trials means you gain the benefit of not only knowing you did everything you could, but knowing that the children you are fighting for got their day in court, too.

Custody/Child Support

Whether you are trying to establish an order for custody, or enforce or modify an order already in place, I have over a decade of experience fighting for your children’s best interests. The payment of money to raise children goes hand-in-hand with custody matters. The daily grind is how you make ends meet and that all trickles down to the children in your home. Make sure their needs are being met and do not go into court alone. Protecting your financial security and stability is a benefit to your children.


Protect the ones you love. The laws are changing in the world of guardianship in Nevada. Whether you are seeking guardianship of a minor or an adult, consult with an attorney before attempting to navigate these legal waters.

Attorney Services

If you’re a Nevada attorney with a calendaring conflict and need an experienced attorney to step in for a short time, a hearing, or to take over a case, contact me. Attorneys can also contract with me for legal research and pleadings preparation.

NV Supreme Court Appeals

Have you received a Nevada District Court civil judgment or order that you feel is wrong? Come in and talk to me about your case. We can discuss if there is a basis for appeal. There is usually a small window of time to appeal a decision once it is issued, so do not wait. Schedule a consult immediately.

Hearings, Trials, Mediation, Arbitration

Over 13 years of representing Nevadans in all levels of hearings, trials, mediations and arbitrations. Be prepared with a competent attorney at your side in court.

We serve all of Northern Nevada: Washoe County, Carson City, Story County, Lyon County, Douglas County, Churchill County, Mineral County, Nye County, Lander County, Pershing County, Humboldt County, Lander County, Eureka County, Elko County, White Pine County