About Elizabeth Bittner

bittner-legal-lawyerI started out as an attorney in a medium-sized firm doing family law, worker’s compensation and personal injury, but rarely have I found a client who doesn’t need services in another legal area. When there is divorce, often there is bankruptcy, there are changes in deeds to property, and people want to create new wills and trusts. Maybe a year or so later, that client has a parent who is in failing health and needs an adult guardianship. If the parent passes away, then my client needs an attorney to assist with the probate process. I have worked with families on custody and child support issues where the children who were being litigated over have matured to adulthood and had their own legal issues: car accidents as teenaged drivers, starting their own businesses after college, having their own children who require custody litigation, and even appealing family law cases. When I litigate a termination of parental rights case, there is often an associated adoption. When I litigate an employment discrimination claim for a company, there are often reformation of business policies and sometimes even restructuring of the business itself. When I litigate an employment issue for a worker, there are often professional licensing issues involved as well.

After years of serving these clients, inevitably some want to challenge the legal system and then my practice branched out into appeals. Due to the strong relationships that I have developed with my clients and their desire to continue working with me, I’ve pushed my practice into other areas over the years to meet their needs.

This wide breadth of legal experience is made possible by developing relationships: with other attorneys for their expertise and input, with other professionals who assist in fully developing your case in specialized areas, and with paralegals who make it possible to address a wide diversity of legal areas and to keep costs down for the client. I’ve worked with these people and developed these relationships beginning before I was even an attorney, when I used to be a legal assistant throughout high school, college and then law school. When I first started as an attorney 13 years ago, I already felt like my legal practice was well under way. My clients feel secure in asking me any type of legal question, knowing that if I do not have the answer, I will get the answer.

This experience is also gained by refusing to be afraid, pushing an issue to get it in front of a judge, and hashing it out the difficult way in the court room. I will always tell my client what their options are: if settlement is in their interests or if a day in court is necessary. I am flattered that this honesty and tenacity have paid off and now other attorneys hire me to attend court for them, conduct research for them and represent them on their professional licensing issues.

Some attorneys are good at hype but being the schoolyard bully is not very impressive to the Judge. My approach is to be good at practicing law. I find that this policy gets the best results for my clients.

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